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Why walnuts?

Straight from the California sunshine, these golden delights are bursting with wholesome, plant-based goodness. But that’s just for starters. Here’s why choosing to enjoy a handful of naturally nutritious walnuts every day, either as a snack or added to your cooking, is a simple step towards cracking wellness, the California way.

Walnuts can help...

Keep your bones and teeth nourished

Walnuts are a great source of nutrients that help maintain the health of our bones and teeth. They are rich in phosphorus, manganese and magnesium, and also provide zinc*. All these minerals, as part of healthy diet and lifestyle, help maintain our bone health. Phosphorus and magnesium also help nourish our teeth.

Give you energy

Walnuts provide 10 vitamins and minerals, which as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, all support our bodies energy-producing mechanisms. Walnuts are a source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid, biotin, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and manganese*.

Keep tiredness at bay

Walnuts are rich in vitamin B6 and a source of iron*. As part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, vitamin B6 and iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Keep your heart in check

A 30g handful of walnuts daily has been proven to help improve blood flow. Additionally, as walnuts are high in unsaturated fat and provide vitamin B1*, they can futher help maintain our heart health. Replacing foods high in saturated fat (e.g. fatty meat, chocolates, pastries) with foods high in unsaturated fat(e.g. a handful of walnuts), as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, can help lower cholesterol levels. Over half the UK adult population has high levels of cholesterol (more than 5mmol/L), placing them at risk of heart disease.

With brain nutrition

Walnuts are a source of iron and zinc*, which as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, help support the brain's daily functions (such as memory, reasoning, attention and language) which lead to the attainment of information and knowledge.

Keep your skin and hair nourished

Walnuts are rich in copper and a source of zinc*. Copper, as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, contributes to normal skin and hair pigmentation. Zinc also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair.

Protect your natural defences

Walnuts are rich in copper and a source of zinc*. Copper and zinc, as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, contribute to normal function of the immune system.

Walnuts can help...

*All nutrition claims based on 100g of walnuts