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Lower your cholesterol with heart-healthy California walnuts

With this year’s National Cholesterol Month kicking off in a couple of days, what better time to equip your patients with information to help them keep their cholesterol levels at bay. Elevated cholesterol is widely accepted as one of the key risk factors of coronary heart disease (CHD)[1], and yet over half of adults in… View Article

Students trade pizza for plant-based

For some students, fast food is the go to when hunger strikes. Many more, however, are swapping their pepperoni pizzas for plants, according to this Times article. In fact, the rise of celebrity lifestyle gurus such as Deliciously Ella and The Body Coach mean that a Pot Noodle is no longer a university rite of… View Article

HEART UK Offers Their Heart Healthy Seal of Approval for California Walnuts

It’s official…California walnuts are good for heart health, says HEART UK. The Charity has given California walnuts their heart-healthy seal of approval, following rigorous checks from experts in nutrition, blood fats and the food industry. Walnuts, like most tree nuts, are rich in unsaturated fats, but what makes them unique is their high amount of… View Article

5 tips to achieve the gut health goal

The bacteria in our digestive tract and their influence on our health is one of the hot topics in molecular and biomedical research. Nowadays, scientists recognise that our microbiome – all of our gut flora, both beneficial and harmful, collectively play an important role in our health, and in disease prevention. The digestive process is… View Article

Putting dietary fibre back in the nutrition spotlight

Helen Bond, Consultant Dietitian to the California Walnut Commission believes fibre has taken a backseat to fat and sugar for too long when it comes to health  What is Dietary Fibre? Dietary fibre is currently defined as ‘all carbohydrates that are neither digested nor absorbed in the small intestine, and have a degree of polymerisation… View Article

Walnuts may support sperm health, research finds

Researchers at the University of Delaware have found that eating a walnut-enriched diet may support male fertility by improving two key aspects of sperm quality. The study found that eating a 75g serving (about 2.5 ounces) of walnuts daily may improve the form and movement of sperm by reducing lipid peroxidation – a type of… View Article

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