Online & Print Campaign 2018

Activity: online and print

Online & Print Campaign Trade advertising continues in the UK to support trade activity.

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The advertising campaign, entitled ‘One of these walnuts…’, underpins the trade activity in the UK. It consists of a series of product related images, smiling & in the spot light, which together with the copy aims to encapsulate the core trade messages and bring California Walnuts to the front of the buyer’s mind.

  • The campaign features the 4 pillars of California walnut attributes: Consistency, Flexibility, Versatility and Taste. These core attributes are seen as distinct to California Walnuts and have been shown to resonate with all trade buyers in the core target markets.
  • Concepts ensure both trade and consumer (where there is cross-over) audiences are seeing a consistent message.
  • Using research gained during 2017 in terms of which key drivers motivate trade buyers to purchase walnuts.
  • Creating new imagery for 2018 to showcase across UK trade journals.
  • New ad appeared in the London Produce Show Guide (07/07/18). The ad targeted the fresh produce buyers and encouraged the use of California as an origin in the produce aisles. See the Muesli advert graphic.
  • Started officially in June 2018 and will run to the end of year.
  • Examples of the advert artwork entitled “One of these walnuts…” is below:

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