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Keeping your California walnuts in tip-top condition


Nothing beats the mild, nutty taste of California walnuts. The key to enjoying these nutritious nuts at their very best is all about keeping them as fresh as possible – and here are some simple ways you can do just that.

Keep them chilled Fresh walnuts should smell mildly nutty and taste subtly sweet. The best way to maintain this freshness is to keep them cold – so pop them in the fridge and enjoy! TIP: If your walnuts ever smell like paint thinner, they’re past their best and you should throw them away

Protect them from other foods Not all other foods, of course – but it’s true that golden California walnuts can absorb the strong flavours of certain staples found in your fridge. To avoid this, keep your walnuts away from food like fish, cabbage and onions, ideally in an airtight jar or other sealed container

Put them on ice If you’re planning to enjoy your walnuts straightaway, the fridge is the best place for them. Storing them for a month or more? Pop them in the freezer to lock in freshness for longer. Take them out to thaw at room temperature for a few minutes before you want to use them – whether you’re sprinkling them on your granola, whizzing them up in a smoothie or having them as a nutiritious snack on the go. Discover more ways to cook with walnuts here

Package them right If your wholesome walnuts are sealed when you buy them, you can keep them in their original packaging until you need them. Once opened, you should transfer them to an airtight container to keep them fresh

And finally… Whether you buy your walnuts in or out of their shells, wait until you’re ready to use them before you chop or de-shell them. This will help preserve their unique, creamy flavour ready for when you tuck in!

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